As part of the project, we run a Migrant Support Centre in Warsaw at ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 62. We invite you–citizens of third countries– to contact us by phone or come to a meeting to our Office where we will discuss ways, needs and the scope of the provided support. 

There’s also a Migrant Support Centre at al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 51 ap. 315, which has a mobile information and advisory office in Grójec at ul. Jana Pawła II 24. 

As part of migrant support, we provide: 

  • social and material help: we co-finance sanitary articles, necessary medication, some minor medical treatments, renting of a flat or a room in a dormitory;  
  • information about functioning of the following Polish systems: social, educational, health care and social insurance, real estate market, access to the labour market, features of voivodeship and local government institutions working for the integration of migrants, the tax system, types of integration activities for children etc.; 
  • support in access to medical care, contact with medical facilities and if necessary, we accompany the beneficiary as a translator, an employee during his or her medical visit;  
  • support in analysing rental agreements and housing conditions co-financed under the housing project; 
  • possibility of signing up children for dance classes of a multicultural band Masovian Inter Dance Folk; 
  • organization of three integration camps for children from both foreign and Polish families. A special programme will be implemented throughout the camp to help all children integrate by learning and playing. 

If the situation of a foreign citizen requires support that exceeds the scope of help offered by Caritas Poland, then the employees of the Migrant Support Centre will give you information where to get proper support as part of the project carried out together with Partners.